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From: The Desk of Dave Whitworth
Subject: How a simple report can make you money!

Dear Internet Marketer,

Have you tried many ways of getting traffic to your site? How about building your list? And most importantly have you made any money yet?

If your answer to any or all of the above questions is no, don’t worry about it, help is on hand!

I don’t want to get into a ‘who’s wasted the most time’ contest with you, because it doesn’t matter that I spent many a year and many a dollar chasing the dream.

What does matter is that, now that I know what works, you can benefit from my experience. You don’t have to spend years and empty your savings trying to find out what works and what doesn’t.

If I have piqued your interest and you are still reading and you haven’t scrolled down to see how much all this will cost you, you certainly won’t be ready for the next line……

I Am Going To Give It All To You For Free!

OK, whats the catch?

The only catch, is that if you don’t do anything with what I am about to give you, it is worthless! So here’s the deal….. You actually use the information and resources I am about to give you and I will give you more!

Do we have a deal? OK, read on……

A while ago now, I found out about the power of viral reports. I had downloaded loads of reports in my quest for information and whenever I came across a great report which recommended something to me, I would check it out.

Many times the recommendations led me to a sales page and many times I would make a purchase. lightbulb

Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments?

Not being completely stupid, I realized that it wasn’t only me who would have a copy of this report. There would be thousands more just like me clicking the links inside the report. Someone was making a killing!

I quickly realized the power of the viral report and went about creating my own. I developed a simple system which drags in subscribers just by giving away reports.

You heard that right! Just by giving something away, you get traffic to your site, you get to build your list, and here’s the kicker. You get to make money at the same time!

If you think that something as powerful as what I am about to show you would be difficult to do, you would be wrong!

Want to know just how easy it is? OK, I will tell you…..

Easy Step By Step System!

Set up a simple 2 page website (a “squeeze page” and “thank-you” page) – Included With Membership

Give away a free viral eBook with good content and links to your site and affiliate products. – Included With Membership

Drive traffic to your squeeze page and turn them into subscribers.

Send “follow up” emails to subscribers sharing content and recommending products and services.

That’s it. A really simple, but really powerful method of making money online!

If you can fill a few fields in then you are on your way. Take a look at how easy it is…….


That’s all there is to rebrand a report and once you have done it you can download it or use the hosted option. The hosted option means you just send out a link and your customers can download it from our servers. All your affiliate links will be inside.

Just by giving away your branded reports you will see an increase in traffic, your list will grow and you will make money with commissions.

When you start to use the resources inside Viral Report Profits you will be able to send emails out to your new subscribers giving them great content and recommending your own, or affiliate products to them.

You will make money when your subscribers make a purchase, and now that you see just how easy it is, you will do it over and over again!

That’s it! The cat is out of the bag. Yes, it’s all about list building! And guess what? It still works.

The savvy marketer has adapted to the ever changing world of Internet Marketing, and whilst email marketing has changed also, those in the know are still making a living just by communicating with their subscribers. Don’t let this profit channel pass you by.

Sign up at Viral Report Profits today!

What’s That. You want A Bonus?

Well, I don’t usually offer a bonus for something I am giving away for free, and something that already has more value than a lot of paid products, but seeing as how you asked!

Join me inside Viral Report Profits today and I will show you an even easier way to make money than giving away viral reports.

Don’t get me wrong, you will have loads of fun and success with my viral reports, and they are really easy to use. It really is a matter of click here, put website name here, put affiliate ID here. Go Profit!

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